Monday, December 10, 2012

Basic skills in searching for happy life

Pick things that make you happy and things that make your life happier at large, to be your choises in your daily life.
Avoid things that ruin your happiness, even if they are your habits or recommended by others who live such a life. (People's needs differ greatly!)
One can walk through one's daily life by investing only or almost solely on things that make you happy, like someone who crosses a stream by sptepping on the stones in the river. Flowers, a candle, reading a wise thought or quotation from some book of wisdom, prayer, looking at trees and enjoying the feel of the weather, spending time in the nature, associating with animals, exercising, choosing healthy food that makes you feel good afterwards, spending time with friends, starting new nice hobbies, doing the things that you love, listening to music and singing, playing an instrument, painting, doing whatever you like,... Pick things like this to make your day better. Find wisdom to avoid the nastiest happenings. Learn across time what brings you happiness and how to grasp those things to your life.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Choose wise ways of doing

Maybe happiness isn't so much a goal in life, something to achieve by doing, as it is a characteristic of one's way of doing while one reaches for other healthy and natural goal in life. So instead of an achievement, reaching happiness is a question of choosing your way of living and your ways of doing wisely, with wisdom of life.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get a dream job

It matters greatly, what kind of job you have.
It is possible to develop new talents and skills and change so what type of person you are. You can this way get a dream job that is like your biggest dream of what life ought to be like. Please watch my video that teaches this:
More about this in Finnis language at . Please try your browser's translation feature from the Finnish language to English.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Avoid a rigid body

Avoid tensing your body to a rigid posture or a rigid man like style. Such tension makes your body less lively and breaks your experiences to nasty and even slightly painful feeling in your being even when you otherwise with a lively relaxed body would feel happy and satisfied with life. Such tension also destroys your social eye and your quick-wittedness. LIVELY RELAXATION that is versatile and natural, reactive in many ways, brings you happiness together with a better understanding and skill.

Your idea of each situation, your feelings and state of mind are all reflected in your body's posture and gesture langauge. If you keep your body fixed and unreactive, your state of mind gets fixed too and so it isn't the best possible for each situation but a kind of kkrrrrhhhhhh non-working, agitating, non-comfortable which makes things in life feel like a burden and which makes your feelings largely negative.
Instead let your body find it's own comfortable yet lively position each moment. Follow your feelings, be social in natural instinctive ways, enjoy the practical sensed side of life: of feelings and sensations.
In social life being relaxed and lively makes you copy from others and makes you so understand their perspectives better. And it makes your cooperation much better. Similarly with all views and all things that you come across in your life, you can choose a perspective that is suited for just those things - but you can do so only if you are bodily relaxed and lively. So you can meet the things in life in wisest possible ways and so you are continually happier.

Keep your body all the time nicely pleasantly like in a sofa, so you feel much better all teh time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Leave thoughts etc. without artificial edges

What people do not ordinarily consider to be of any signifigance but which still matters a lot for their happiness, is that square lines, boxes and rigid forms of thoughts and action make life much harder to bear and prevent happiness and contentment. Try to leave thoughts and your picture of your own body and of your feelings and actions without edges, just like they are in your sensations. Let the things themselves carry you and remove weight from edges and from rigid unreactive patterns.