Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look at trees

Look at trees in the direction that they have grown. Emphatize with the atmosphere of that imagined movement. Try to see what kind of way of living would be expressed as such movement.
Also, look at trees in any way you want while you ponder about your social tangles, and you will find natural solutions. Always use the form of your thoughts that comes to your mind when looking at trees, and not the memorized familiar stuck indoors thoughts. This is good for all kinds of important thoughts in your life!
Look at trees as parts of the city landscape as if they saw the landscape and understook the life in it. That way trees look wise in the art of living and one can learn wisdom of life by being social with them.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enjoy the senses, experience strongly

Our forefathers lived in the wild nature and got much more sensory stimuli every day than what we nowadays get. They needed all their senses to stay alive, and that is what we too are adapted to. Instead of the simple city houses we need the complexity, health and variation of the wild nature. Instead of eating too much, we should enjoy using our eyes all the time, to enjoy the emotional beauty of colours and structures, of understanding roles and uses, a meaningful contact with the concretical practical action. Sensations tell us wisdom of life about ways of doing, emotional meaningfulness of goalsettings and emotional observations of side effects of routes chosen, states of mind reflecting situations on a personal level, etc By taking them properly into account we can improve the quality of life. Sports make philosophy of life easier via increased physical variation that via the ties with gesture language makes it easier to change ones viewpoints and one's ways. Read John Steinbeck's books.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Be social with wild animals

Be friendlily social with little wild birds and copy from them good ways to do things. Birds live healthy natural life and are because of that good models to learn from anything from singing to healthy kind of social ways and wise ways to do things. Emphatize with the atmospheres of trees and wild flowers and wild plant's ways of growing: that is the natural stimuli that supports our social eye and our wisdom of life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dress happily

Your clothes create your social vote about what kind of life you want to live. So dress in warm happy colours and search for a happiness oriented style in what you do and how you do things. Avoid things connected to nasty things like black, blue and grey. Choose instead red, white and green, maybe also brown and yellow. If you are a man who feels pressured by work and men's role, please try wearing red trousers (which make encounters frienlier) and a white (moral) or light green (leisurely) shirt. If you choose to wear a red shirt, choose finer party style shirt (which gives you personal room to live in) instead of a college shirt (which often makes others treat you as underaged).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Build upon what works well

In just about everything that you do, some things work well while others just hold you back. What is not of any use makes a kkrrrrhhhhh sound or a like atmosphere: grey, stuck and without spirit. Just drop those nonworking things away, and build solely on the nice well working things. So you reach happiness and get things to work well...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Get rid of nasty clutter

It is the nastiest things which take away all your energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. So it makes sense to buy a paper destroyer (it isn't so expensive) and take a look at the nastiest papers that you keep stored someplace and just destroy them at once with the paper destroyer: old medicine receipts, official letters saying that you are not fit to work, nasty old school and work papers, letters from friends turned to enemies, all the things others force you to against your better understanding and your own wishes in life,... Once you have gotten rid of the nastiest things, everything else becomes lighter.
Cultivate the areas of life that you wish most dearly to have. At first those can be just distant dream, some superfine things you have always sincerely admired. You can remind yourself of them by having something belonging to that subject: a picture on a wall, a guidebook, some equipment that you wish to learn to use, some brochure of a society cultivating those things, or of a course years gone but so nice,... Then just learn to swim with those things: gain some more experience, make a habit of associating with then with an open mind and willingness to learn new things.
Like you can change your weight from one foot to another, you can change the emphazis of the different areas of life in your daily life, from those things that you do not so much like to those things which you most dearly love. Make space in your room for the things that you love: first a picture on a wall, then a shelf, some corner, some part of a room, your own room totally and your whole life! Avoid taking any needed not-so-nice things to the same space as your liked goal-like things, and try to get rid of the nasty and burden like things as much as you can - that too is a skill and a matter of arranging your life, so you can learn to be better at that as the time passes. When you move to a new home,bring your biggest dreams there first and let them dominate and determine how you arrange your home: the effect is refreshing as if immediately starting to live your sdreams!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rise above the circumstancies

It is typical that when one has work it takes one's energy so that one gets stuck to a daily routine without much freedom of changing it. Then the routines take one's forces and if something unexpected comes one's way there is no way to avoid a collision with it or to soften the collision with wisdom and freedom of movement.
But if you do not just go to work but keep a routine of exercising yourself in varied ways, you can choose in which way you meet the obstacles on your way and so life becomes easier. You need something like your job's strain, just a little bit but it is needed to make you flexible on that area of life. And you need hobbies with lots of variation and new kinds of fun challenges to make you flexible and ready to meet what life brings to you on all areas of life.
It is like a person stiff from too much sitting compared to a person who has taken the time to stretch and exercise a little bit in varied ways so as to be able to meet physical challenges well.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Find religion from your heart

Stopping to watch a nature scenery you feel emotional beauty of such fractureless way of living and a sense of respect for such health. That respect is like a prayer: you can quietly say in your mind "please, let things be so well in the world!" and lift your wish somewhere high in the air for respect. So you have made a choise of values: a prayer unified with your whole way of living, a prayer that you respect in practise with your own way of living in your daily life as far as you can choose yourself.

Come to think of it, the wonder os existing, of sensing, of doing practical things in the world, of having social encounters especially with animals, it is something beyond our schooled ways of thinking, we cannot build such, we are a living miracle, so finely structured that our schooled thoughts fail to grasp it at all and we can just feel the contact with life with its' multitude of shades of natural observations of what life is like, how we and the world function. Miracle.

If you get pushed around by others, maybe you do not notice it. But when you decide to be healthily selfish, you get room for your own emotions and fpr your own ideals, so you clear the air and the demanding o9f health in it makes sure that you do not go too far or too little but to just the right extend in each sense, however impossibly far that may be. Then your social tangles untie, you see your own aspirations reflected in varying sizes in the deeds of others. You were alone with enemies, now are you like in company of animals: varied personalities together, varied lives, the everyday life shiny with interesting things to do, lives reflecting the differently but with much same like people who walk side by side are different but still going much the same way.

Do not follow rigid religious guidelines, instead make a healthy version of them and follow that, that one you will find in your own heart if you use just your highest wisdom in thinking and feeling what is healthy and what is not.

Enjoy moving

PLEASE TRY THIS!!:Do not make plans about how to move butdecide each second and each fraction of a second anew what right now feels like the best idea about where to move, how to move, in which style, in which attitude, in which mood, with how much eager interest and quickness resulting from that or relaxed awareness or emotionally motivated force,... So you change all the time, your plans change and you learn to pick each fraction of a second just the things that you like best right then to be your goalsetting right then in practise in your movements. So you feel happy and fullfilled. Be wary of boredom and habits.

Do not make edges to yoru body. Do not guide your body by thoughts or habits. Instead move in relaxed enjoyable ways and let your body be natural. Let enjoyability be your guide to how to move. Reach for a relaxed pleasant state of mind, since it makes your body and movements enjoyable too.

Trust the wisdom of emotional estimates

Never say intellectually "This is ONLY worth that much." but instead TRUST your emotionally FELT estimates of the worth of things:
The wonder of being alive, sensing, having agile hands, having an animal friend, having a vacuum cleaner or whatever...

The music of the Paradise islands

The music of the Paradise Islands, of Tahiti, Hawai etc., has it's own typical sense of harmony: the mellow harmony has a somewhat nasty taste at it's side and that is an important part of the wisdom of their music, since it teaches ideally beautiful social relationships:
When you do things like feels best for you, I feel that it goes somewhat wrong since I would choose a different style, a different emphazis on values and ways of doing, I am a different person so that is natural. And when I do what is in my opinion the best possible course in the whole world, others say "Iik! Why you do like that?!" So in a perfect harmony we let others be what they are with their own wisdom of life, that is why the peculiar harmony of the songs of the Paradise Islands is an important teacher of social wisdom. Please try this out: the results are amazingly good! (And I am in northern Europe.)

Life according to the Human Nature

Life fully according to the human nature on all areas of life ought to bring happiness:
* sports in enjoable varied ways - not like a robot but enjoyably, motivatedly in ever varying ways like our forefathers who lived in the wild nature
* admiring the wild nature - at least half an hour each week year around, but the more the better! No upper limit...
* religiously beautiful moral followed in practise - try to agree to the thought "I love Life (with big L), happiness and things positive for happy life. So I take them as my values in the world at large!" and never neglect it badly, and that's it!
* compare things to the looks of the wild nature and the ways of doing of animals and not to the looks of books and the build environment
* healthy kind of social life - look at a tree while you ponder about social things!
* follow your full understanding, your highest wisdom and highest ideals in your life.
* value the wisdom of feelings